Thank You Dad

June 15, 2014

Thank you Dad via The Stories I Meet

Thank you for taking the time to fix the inconsequential.  Knowing you would make time to fix the plastic Breyer horse with the broken leg created in us a confidence that you could help fix the big things too.

Thank you for throwing us across the pool a thousand times.

Thank you for starting the biggest splash ball wars Twain Harte Lake has ever seen.

Thank you for packing us around on hikes, spending weeks at the lake, and driving a thousand miles to all our activities.

Thank you for being frugal enough to wear your work clothes til they were literally falling off you in tatters.

Thank you for taking pride in your appearance, you’re always the best dressed man in the room.

Thank you for telling us we were pretty when we came downstairs.  That assurance from you, made us need assurance from others a whole lot less.

Thank you for also keeping us humble –Your favorite joke of glancing at us in the morning as we stumbled half asleep into the kitchen and then jumping back in horror was not appreciated.

Thank you for teaching us how to work hard.  By not expecting less from us than you would a son, you taught us to not expect less from ourselves and in doing so you taught us equality.

Thank you for teaching us to be independent and self-sufficient.  That alone has affected every aspect of our lives for the better.

Thank you Dad via The Stories I Meet

Back to that hard work thing – I didn’t see what you were doing there but you seriously limited the dating pool.  By teaching us to change a tire, replace brake pads, build fence, weld, lay irrigation lines, doctor cattle and all that jazz you made it really hard to respect guys who didn’t know how to do anything. Thanks a lot Dad.

Thanks for being our champion.  Thank you for loving us fiercely without contingencies.

Thank you for being painfully honest and teaching us to value that in others.

Thank you for instilling in us a sense of family loyalty.  That girl who picked on us in school?  No matter how many times she sweetly said “Hi Mr. Marchetti” she was met with nothing but a cool stare – I loved that about you.  Thanks for making our family something worth protecting.

Thank you for showing up for people in our community, knowing they would never return the favor.  If someone needed help you were there. Thank you for being a better man, thank you for leading by example.  There should be more men like you.

Thank you for having the loudest laugh in the room. You’ve filled our house with a lot of joy.

Thanks for laughing at us– we learned to not take ourselves too seriously and I can’t tell you how many friendships I would have missed out on had I not learned how to be teased.

Not everyone gets a real life hero for a Dad – we did.  I will never be able to express how incredibly proud I am to be your daughter.  I never wondered if heroes existed, because I had one at the kitchen table.

Thank you Dad via The Stories I Meet

Thank you for letting your body get beat up and your heart bruised for work worth doing.  Thank you for being the kind of man who ran towards the crisis instead of away from it.

Thank you for protecting us from the toll your job took on you.

Thank you for being a hero to so many, and a blessing to even more.

Thank you for not punching that guy who shoved you at the fair, wiping hands covered in cow crap down the front of your shirt.  I tried to climb the fence and do it myself, but with your silence you made a statement that day that spoke volumes.

Thank you for thinking we could conquer the world.  There wasn’t a team we couldn’t get on, a horse we couldn’t ride, a job we couldn’t get.  Everyone needs someone in their corner, thanks for always being in mine.

Thank you for being competitive – You ruined every fun family activity from cookie decorating to Easter volleyball tournaments by not letting us ever beat you.

Thank you Dad via The Stories I Meet

Thank you for not being a dad that yelled instruction from the porch or beach.  Thank you for being right there in the dust and surf to show us how it was done.  When I finally got it right, finally caught the wave, finally made the perfect roping heel trap-  that glorious moment when things finally fell into place – being able to look over at you while it happened and have you laughing right along with me is something I’ll treasure always.

Thank you for being unapologetically yourself.  For singing your heart out, dancing around the house, and telling mom you loved her a thousand and one times a day.  Thank you for not apologizing for liking Cowboy Poetry or Big Wednesday. In doing so you allowed us to be ourselves. A gift I never got over.

Thank you for being shameless.  For playing pretty princess board games, jewels and all.  For French braiding our hair for school, for helping McKenna with ballet and for going prom dress shopping.

Thank you for letting us know our opinion mattered.  Thank you for not sending us to our room when we disagreed with you.  Thank you for teaching us we could argue and we could still be close.

Thank you for teaching us that people are always a work in progress. Thank you for working on your temper, so we didn’t have an excuse not to work on ours.

Thank you for playing tough guy with my dates. It was always so entertaining to see who squirmed and who played along.  You didn’t fool me, deep down you were just happy to finally have a guy around to talk to instead of all of us girls.

Thank you for all the hard work and long commutes so we could grow up on the most beautiful ranch.

Thank you for being grateful for our help.  Even when we didn’t get a choice about building fence in the summer, at the end of the day you always thanked us.  Thank you for making us feel appreciated.

Thank you for being so in love with our mom.  It’s a rare thing to have complete confidence that healthy marriages exist, and that they are something to treasure.  Thank you for being Mom’s biggest fan, and her best friend.

Thank you Dad via The Stories I Meet

Thank you for being such a good storyteller.  I owe my love of stories to you – the most enchanting place in the world for me was at the kitchen table or on the second landing of the stairs listening to you and your friends tell stories.  You have a gift, it’s a good one.

Thank you for instilling in us a healthy sense of fear –  that mom threatening to call you at the fire station kept the house in line while you were gone.

Thank you for all the times you told me everything would be alright.  Thank you for faithfully praying for us.  Thank you that seeing you read your bible at the kitchen table was a normal part of our lives.

Thank you for being humble – thank you for being the first to ask questions of people who knew more than you. You taught us that we could learn something from everyone we met, and that changed how we viewed the world.

In a world of people complaining about spouses, you refused to become a cliché and I so love that about you.  Thank you for respecting Mom and your marriage enough to not speak badly about her.  I can’t tell you how many times you sang her praises at BBQs and town functions.  She’s be embarrassed but she always seemed to glow a little brighter after that – I never forgot how much that meant to her, and later to me.

Thank you for being an artist.  The hours you spent coloring with us, teaching us how to draw, or the hours I spent watching you do leather work in the basement meant something.  You made being creative a normal part of our lives, a rich part of life that so many put away as adults.

Thank you Dad via The Stories I Meet

Thank you for being a good steward of the ranch.  Thank you for tempering the harsh realities of ranching by teaching us that life is something to treasure.  Thank you for doing everything in your power to save a life and for grieving when you couldn’t. Thank you for teaching us to put others before ourselves, even our pets.

Thank you for not showing us any mercy when you had us on the inner tube behind the ski boat.  You learn to love speed when the universal hand sign for slow down is completely ignored.

Thank you for taking us on all those road trips, miles upon miles with three girls in the backseat wasn’t for the faint of heart.

Thank you for teaching us depth perception and that you could in fact reach us from anywhere in the backseat while driving.

Thank you for knowing me well enough to know picking a fight with me as we drove into the ranch on my 16th birthday would get me so riled up I wouldn’t notice all my friends waiting on the front lawn to surprise me.

Thank you for not asking more from us than we were capable of doing. And thank you for pushing us when you knew we needed it.

Thank you for tearing up when you dropped me off in Montana for college.

Thank you for being at every game, and every recital you could.

Thank you for breaking every cliche so I learned not to put too much stock in them.

Thank you for showing respect to the elderly.

Thank you for not putting up with crap from those in authority over you.  Thank you for teaching us that leaders are respected not for their title but for how they wear it.

Thank you for teaching us that anything worth doing is worth doing well.  From cooking to welding, and everything in between, your meticulousness has blessed us.

Thank you for being so affectionate.  Your hugs could probably cure cancer.

There are a million things to thank you for but these three most of all – Thank you for being my hero, my friend, and my Dad.

Thank you Dad via The Stories I Meet

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  • Terrie Cammack June 15, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    Katie, I know you and your sisters know how blessed you are to have the parents you do. God gave them each other and then He gave them the three of you (don’t forget, I have known you guys since you were born). Your dad is a great man, married to a great woman and has some pretty special daughters.

    Your tribute to Mario is beautiful. Your honor him and God with your words. You are using your gift in a mighty way. Proud of you kiddo.

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