Dear Mom

May 11, 2014

I have the privilege of knowing some pretty neat women and their moms are every bit as much worth celebrating as the daughters.  Happy Mothers Day to these incredible women:


Dear Mom [The Stories I Meet]“I love my mom because of how she cares for me. How she’s the one person on this earth that is guaranteed to care about the minutia of my day that no one else does. I love my mom for how much we’re able to be friends as adults, and how much I desperately feel the need to get her approval -on most things. I love her for who she was to me as a child, the selfless service and things sacrificed…and I love her now for giving me an example of how to be a successful wife and mother.” – Brittney Cannizzaro

Dear Mom [The Stories I Meet]“Advice? My mom always told me to marry rich – She says life is a whole lot easier when you have money hahaha! My mom has taught me a million and a half things, but the most important one to me would be her strength. She may only be 5’2″ and 100 lbs, but gosh she can get through anything with perseverance and her head held high.” – Casey Waszkiewicz

Dear Mom [The Stories I Meet]“My mom taught me about The Lord, what it means to live a life of faith. She expected me to be successful, because she knew I was capable, and she was a shoulder to cry on when I fell apart…My mom is a model of quiet strength, kindness, and dignity, and I can only hope to be that kind of mom to my own kids one day. She is, and will always be, my best friend.” – Meredith Hise

Dear Mom [The Stories I Meet]“I was lucky enough to spend the day with three incredible mothers. Aunt Cheryl, my moms sister. The dancer. The traveler. Cultured in the ways of butterflies and strange Asian foods… in the eyes of Mack and Wyatt. I admire her uninhibited love of life and energy. She raised three beautiful genius kids. She’s been a lifelong partner in crime to my mom, and I feel fortunate now to see her as more of a friend than a grown up – In a good way.

My nana. She is undoubtedly the sweetest woman I’ll ever know. A true model of poise and grace within our family and the epitome of a godly woman. As a mother, grandmother and great grandmother she is the glue that keeps our family so close together.

And my mom. If nana is the sweetest woman in the world, mom is a very close second. I’m so thankful to share her love of books, passion for people, her shoes and her smile. Her continuous support has guided me throughout all stages of my life and I value it more than ever as an adult. She leads by example and her life is one worth emulating. I couldn’t ask for a better model of love and compassion.shan fam

And for the “mothers-to-be” in the future (Cailee and Amy, I guess that means us) we were so lucky to grow up with these three amazing women. We will be able to show our children unconditional love and support because it was so graciously given to us.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in my life. There are so many more I could write about – I’m so lucky to know these great Mothers.”  – Shannon Pavell


Dear Mom [The Stories I Meet]

“Thank you for faithfully showing up for the people in your life, thank you that it was never contingent on whether they deserved it or even whether the favor would ever be returned. Thank you for a childhood that was sweet and safe and fun. Thank you for buying us book lights and pretending you didn’t know we stayed up all night reading. Thank you for letting us swim all summer, and not making us wait to get back in the water after we ate our bodyweight in bagel bites. Thank you for not asking more from us than we were capable of, and for pushing us to that level when we needed it. Thank you for telling me not to circle the drain after a shanked pass in volleyball and a thousand times since. Thank you teaching us that emotions shouldn’t trump logic and seeing things from another point of view is something to pursue. Thank you for tearing up over the grief of others and not being knocked down by your own. Thank you for pouring another bag of m&ms in the trail mix after we picked them all out.  Thank you for putting sponge curlers in our hair all those nights, and forgiving us for dirt smudged faces and grass stained knees.

Thank you for being on the couch every Tuesday night to watch Gilmore Girls. Thank you for always letting us back in the house even if you had to hose us down on the front lawn first. Thank for ruining all other meals by making your kitchen table the most delicious place to be. Thank you for making 37.2 billion chocolate chip cookies with the same wooden spoon that dealt spankings. The symbolism was not lost on me. Thank you for being ridiculous and giving us permission to do the same. Thank you for being the voice of reason in house full of Italian tempers. Thank you for dancing on the Elliptical.  Thank you for laughing at us, so we learned not to take ourselves too seriously. Thank you for not offering empty clichés when we were struggling or hurting.  Thank you for living your faith, thank you for being consistent in what you said and did.  Thank you for being independent.  Thank you for getting things done, even if it meant shooting a snake right off the porch.

Thank you for teaching us that board games have a time limit and it’s ok to flip the board when you’ve reached it. Thank you for having such a contagious laugh, and for using it often. Thank you for being a listener in a world fighting to be heard. Thank you for giving advice and knowing when we were ready to hear it and when we weren’t. Thank you for loving our dad so well. And for proving that fights don’t lessen love but strengthen it. Thank you for showing us that a workout can fix a lot more than your figure. Thank you for spending more time working hard than looking in the mirror so we learned our value wasn’t based on our looks. Thank you for having a short memory for our failings and a long memory of how far we have come. Thank you for being content with small things. Thank you for showing us that frugality is not a punishment but an accomplishment. Thank you for weathering disappointments and frustrations honestly and patiently.  Thank you for loving so well.  Thank you for being my best friend. My regret is that I only get to know you my entire life and that I didn’t get to know you for the entirety of yours.” – Katie Marchetti


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  • Terrie Cammack May 11, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    Well done Katie. Your mom is so proud of all of you and loves you so much. I respect her so much. You will be a great mom, because you have a great mom to emulate.

    • K Marchetti May 12, 2014 at 4:47 pm

      Thank you Terrie – Hope you had a great Mothers Day as well!

  • Ronna Cannizzaro June 12, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Beautiful…just like you! I am so thankful that Brittney brought you into our lives. Would love to meet the family that influenced and shaped you to become such an amazing young woman.

  • K Marchetti July 15, 2014 at 10:43 am

    Thank you so much Ronna! Very grateful to know you and your family. We should get the Cannizzaro’s and Marchetti’s together soon!

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